Gambling, Evolved

We turn fun video games into fun gambling games

Our Company

At Gamiker, we help online and land-based gambling operators attract new players and better engage existing players. We've assembled some of the best minds in gambling and games to accomplish this.


Gamiker creates games that seamlessly integrate gambling into the world's most popular video-game types, familiar to a wide demographic from Millennials to their grandparents. 

how it works

We design games in this new category of digital gambling games to be simple and non-intimidating for the player, while staying in compliance with regulations in legal gambling jurisdictions around the world.

Our games are ready-built to be integrated into existing paradigms, technologies, and platforms in gambling. We can also create bespoke games to fit your needs (from concept, design, and mathematics to production, quality assurance, and integration).  

...Gaming must keep up, and to do that, the old style of slots simply needs to change. … This means adding skill and social elements to the slot mix.
— Nevada Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett