Hatching Dragons™ game rules

Hatching Dragons

Match dragon eggs to build up jackpot meters,

then spin the wheel to redeem cash prizes, free games or future power-ups.

  • How To Start
  • How To Play
    • Step 1: Match Eggs
    • Step 2: Spin Wheel
    • Step 3: Hatch a Prize!
  • How to Match
    • Basic Play
    • Auto Play
    • Quick Play
  • Shuffle
  • Power-Ups
  • Additional Information

How To Start

Press the PLUS (+) or MINUS (–) button to change your bet.

Any Power-up associated with the next play at that bet is shown just above the bet amount.

Press PLAY to submit your bet and start the game.

How to Play


You have 40 seconds to eliminate as many eggs as you can by matching three or more (or by using Power-Ups when available). Each eliminated egg boosts the value of its jackpot meter.


Press SPIN to start spinning the prize wheel. When the wheel stops, the slice under the flipper is your reward:

  • Bonus: awards the hatching bonus for that egg
  • 2x: cash prize of twice your bet
  • Free Game: next game at this bet size is free
  • Power Up: special ability for next game at this bet size


Triggered when the prize wheel lands on a bonus slice. The egg for that slice hatches and displays a series of possible prizes until randomly stopping on one you win.

  • Jackpot!: awards the jackpot meter for the selected egg
  • Cash Prize: win 2x, 3x or up to 5x your bet
  • Free Game: next game at this bet size is free

How to Match


Swap an egg with an adjacent one horizontally or vertically to create a up-down or left-right line of 3 or more of the same colour egg. To perform a swap, first touch the egg to be moved then touch the neighbouring egg you wish to swap with. This can done with two presses or by swiping your finger after the first press.

After making a match or activating a Power-Up, all of the corresponding eggs disappear, with eggs above them dropping down to fill the gaps. If the new drop-downs lead to more matches, the process of removing matches and replacing with drop-downs repeats.


Press AUTO at any time to toggle the feature ON or OFF. When ON, the game make matches and activate Power-Ups on your behalf. The game relies upon simple heuristics to determine which matches to make, and performs the matching at a moderate speed, so an experienced player is likely to do better on their own.


Want a faster pace of play? Want to get right back to the prize wheel? Then press QUICK PLAY to instantly collect all the eggs on the screen, plus any additional matches that occur after drop down and activation of any Power-Ups.

Quick Play is available until you make a successful match or activate a Power-Up. In the event that no eggs are removed within the first 10 seconds of the game, Quick Play will be activated for you.


If no further matches can be made, the game will automatically shuffle the eggs and handle any subsequent matches created by the new arrangement.

If you are having trouble finding a match to make, you can force a rearrangement by pressing SHUFFLE.

The clock does not pause during a shuffle

A Power-Up on the board will not be activated by SHUFFLE unless the first shuffle attempt fails to produce a possible match, otherwise shuffling will automatically repeat until a possible match or until match round clocks runs out


A Power-Up earned in one game will automatically be part of the starting state of the next game you play at that same bet level. All the Power-Ups, except for Colour Clear, are activated by pressing them. A Power-Up can also be automatically activated by the timer running out, Auto Play, Shuffle and Quick Play.

  • Colour Clear
    This eliminates all the eggs with the same colour as that of the egg with which you swap this Power-Up
  • Row Clear
    Press this Power-Up to eliminate all the eggs in its row
  • Column Clear
    Press this Power-Up to eliminate all the eggs in its column
  • Bomb Clear
    Press this Power-Up to eliminate all the neighbouring eggs
  • Extra Time
    Press this Power-Up to add 10 seconds to the clock

Additional Information

General rules

Malfunction voids all pays and plays

A Free Game has the same effective bet size as the prior game from which it is earned

The match round always starts with at least one match available

Each type of egg is equally likely to be randomly selected

Each peg on the Prize Wheel is equally likely to be landed

The series of prizes shown during egg hatching represent the actual distribution of prizes

Jackpot meters reset at the start of each game, including Free Games

Any Power-Up remaining at the end of a match round will be automatically activated

If the clock runs out while replacement symbols are dropping down, any subsequent matches will be allowed to proceed until no more matches occur

Quick Play rules

At the start of Quick Play, if a Power-Up is on the board it will be removed with all the other eggs

After the initial clear, a full set of replacement eggs drops down which will include any Power-Up previously removed

If the removed Power-Up was "Extra Time", another Power-Up will be randomly selected for the drop-down

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